What are the Tri-Cities’ People’s Choice Awards?

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Wondering how to cast a vote for the Tri-Cities’ People’s Choice Awards and what the awards are?

Every year, the Tri-City Herald puts together a survey that allows the people of the Tri-Cities’ to nominate local businesses in over 80 categories as the best in their industry.

It’s a chance for locals to sing the praises of their favorite dentist, breakfast spot, or auto mechanic! And if you’re on the hunt for any of these services and stores, it’s the best place to find your new favorites!

So how does it work?
All you need to do is visit Tri-Cities’ People Choice Awards for the 2021 nominations. Nominations are available between February 26th and March 21st, 2021. There’s only one entry per IP address, and nominated businesses must be with Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Adams, and Umatilla counties.

There are 5 overall categories:

  1. Arts & Entertainment
  2. Local Favorites
  3. Food & Beverages
  4. Services
  5. Shopping

Within those categories, you’ll have to nominate a total of at least 10 businesses for your vote to count. If you’ve had a great experience at a local business it’s time to give them credit! The winners will receive
a badge of honor that you can look for when looking to choose a new business.

For Southridge Dental, you can nominate us within two categories: Best Dentist and Best Dental Office.

We appreciate any of our patients that take the time to nominate us, and have been proud winners of BOTH categories for several years! We hope to stay the People’s Choice and continue to give each and every patient the best of dental care. We’re proud winners of the 2019 and 2020 People’s Choice Awards!

Cast your vote now and vote Southridge Dental Best Dental Office and Dr. Simper for Best Dentist!

Visit Tri-Cities’ People Choice Awards for the 2021 nominations here

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