Using your Dental Insurance Benefits Before the End of the Year

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Use your dental benefits this year before they expire

With the busy holiday season approaching, it’s easy to get busy and forget about your health and wellness – especially scheduling a dental cleaning.

Unfortunately, when you forget to schedule your dental appointments, you risk losing out on big money from your dental benefits. In fact, every year millions of dollars are wasted from a lack of planning ahead. The good news: you can still prevent this!

Schedule Your Appointment Before End of the Year

For most plans, your covered dental cleanings and services will expire on December 31st. When this happens, whether you have an FSA or traditional coverage, you won’t be getting what you pay for. When you pay into dental insurance monthly, it’s money for exchange of dental services; if you don’t book those services, the money is in exchange for…well, nothing.

Maximize Your Dental Benefits

Southridge Dental can help with many of the dental services you may have been delaying. Whether you need to schedule a cleaning, a dental crown, or have a dental emergency, we’re voted the Tri-Cities best dental office because we’re the local experts!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance

There are several ways to make sure you get the most out of your plan before the end of the year:

  1. Check your Benefits (and schedule preventatively!)
    By checking with your insurance provider, you can make sure you’re aware of all of the benefits included in your plan, including coverage for things like Preventative Maintenance (which includes things like regular cleanings and check-ups). A Preventative Maintenance approach is one the most cost-effective ways to avoid costly complications in the future! Most health insurance cards offer a toll-free 800 number, available 24/7, to help clarify what benefits you’re eligible for.
  2. Schedule Ahead
    It’s important to plan ahead to avoid a last minute rush to get into the dentist. The end of the year can be the busiest time of the year in many dental offices. If you’re unable to book an appointment, you may lose out on benefits. (The end of the year is filling up fast – book now and secure a spot here.)

It’s smart to get any teeth whitening done before holiday pictures, and any toothaches solved before holiday treats. We’d love to see you before the end of the year! To find out if there is a spot left, you can schedule online or call us at (509) 581-0081.

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