The Best Ways to Prevent Cavities!

Like the Body, The Gums and Teeth Need Care from the Inside Out

Who here loves pain and procrastination?!

Who here then also LOVES cavities?! (We hope not 😊)

Not to fret, our mission as Dental Doctors is not simply to clean your teeth and scold you on flossing frequency (😊). Our mission is to educate ourselves on each individual patient, that is you, and assist them in also repairing and maintaining your original adult teeth to allow you to be the healthiest you can be. Of course, to succeed in our mission, we also need to educate and motivate you to realize the importance of routine teeth and mouth cleanliness. Cavity prevention will turn into your teeth brushing routine and cavities will be no more.

I ‘Know’ What a Cavity is, But Really, What the Heck is a Cavity?!

Don’t you recall those sudden dreaded moments while you’re going about your business then all the sudden you feel a sharp pain or ache in your teeth or gums?

Other than “Holy-Ouch!”, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is…

“I really hope I don’t get cavities… I haven’t received a dental check-up in a long while.”

“Woah, Woah, Woah Mr. All Knowing Tooth Expert…

“I’ve known people to get cavities and they swear by their superb brushing routine; please enlighten us on exactly what a cavity is and how they.”

Cavities are a result of tooth decay that forms when acids remaining in our mouths wear down, or erode, the outer Enamel layer of the tooth. Here’s the catch even USING proper brushing, flossing and dental cleanings, cavities can still form. Yes… It breaks our hearts too.

Cavity Causing Pests

Tooth decay will happen from simple wear and tear brought to us by life. While children are more prone to getting cavities, no known age is impervious to cavities or other tooth pains. Let us throw you a investment curveball regarding teeth cavities, through adulthood, new decay can develop around the edges of cavities treated was back in our childhood! What kind of return of investment is that?! But hey, would you rather some good ol’ George Washington dentures instead? 😉

Cavity Prevention

As many of us have been preached to since we were small children, proper oral hygiene, including regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, will help keep out teeth clean and prevent cavities. And this idea is still holding strong to this day for the most part. Like anything else though, we humans inspire to progress and improve which results in dental hygiene evolution! The decay in our teeth can impact 3 separate layers of our teeth. Tooth decay can affect all layers of a tooth.

  1. The decay most advance to a point where it penetrates the tooths strongest later, its enamel.
  2. If the decay hits the middle layer of our tooth, the Dentin, decay progression will quickly eat to the innermost pulp tooth later that contains the tooth’s nerve endings and blood supply.


Good teeth and gum care includes:

  • Flossing every morning ensuring to get under the gums to remove/loosen food, acids and plaque stuck between teeth.
  • Brushing teeth, gums, and tongue thoroughly, outside, inside and in circular motions.
    • Fluoride/Enamel protective toothpaste twice a day (Doctor recommended)
  • Cutting back on sugary, starchy foods and drinks.
    • Rinsing mouth out thoroughly with water directly afterwards to remove lingering sugar.
  • Dental checkups at least twice a year (6-Months).

Teeth-Sleeping Guards to protect from grinding or clenching while asleep.

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