Protecting Your Teeth After Holiday Sweets

Advice from a Kennewick Dentist

Here is Southridge Dental’s best advice to keep your teeth clean, strong, and cavity-free after the holiday season! After months of indulging in our favorite treats like hot cocoa, Almond Roca, and pumpkin pie… we need to take a moment to give our fearless teeth a little TLC! Sugary foods build up and damage our pearly whites. Sugar is a leading cause of cavities in children and adults. With a little help, our teeth can stay healthy and better protected from cavities.

After and during the Holidays we recommend a few simple at-home behaviors to save yourself a costly cavity filling.

  1. Cut Back
    We all love holiday treats! Take the time to be measured in your sugar intake, taking into consideration sweet drinks AND food. Where you can, cut back the amount of sugar you consume.
  2. Be Picky With Sugars
    Cutting back on sugar can be a challenge, but you can help protect your teeth by being mindful of the types of sugary foods you indulge in. Avoiding sticky treats can prevent the build-up of sugar in the small areas around your teeth that are harder to clean and can build into cavities. Avoiding hard foods can protect your teeth from damage to your protective enamel, or a cracked tooth.
  3. Brush More Often
    It can be refreshing to brush your teeth after a meal (and cut cravings for more sweets!) and a great way to cut the amount of time the sugar spends accumulating on your teeth. It’s a good idea during the holidays to up your efforts to floss and use mouth wash. Your time spent on prevention will save your wallet and twice as much time on problem-solving later!
  4. Pack a Spare
    If you might be traveling or visiting loved ones over the holidays, throw a spare brush, floss, and toothpaste into a purse or travel bag. That way you’re never caught off-guard.

These are simple pointers for keeping your teeth clean on your own and your hard work will go a long way to help reduce the need for professional help. However, there are a few things a dentist can do in the office to strengthen your teeth.

The quickest and easiest prevention is to schedule your regular cleaning appointments with Southridge Dental. We make sure to clean your teeth in areas you may not reach with a brush or floss. Regular cleanings also strengthen your enamel and monitor for cavities that can be caught before they turn into root canals – or worse!

If you feel stressed by the thought of visiting your dentist, we offer comfort options that help you or your family feel relaxed and at home. With your selection of Netflix movies, Pandora music with the warmth of a neck towel, and relaxing scents – you’ll feel like you’re at the spa! At Southridge Dental we pride ourselves on taking great care of your teeth and making every patient feel like family. For each visit we want you to feel comfortable and important. We love giveaways and spoiling our patient family! To schedule your appointment visit here.

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