How to Pick a Dentist for a Dental Emergency

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Don’t rush to the first dentist on the list for an emergency! Choose the Tri-Cities best family dental practice.

A dental emergency can throw a wrench in your life. Whether it’s a toothache, a broken tooth, or a terrible sensation with cold or hot foods, dental emergencies are no fun. Typically, these problems are caused by severe infection or severe tooth decay issues, and the pain can be debilitating. However, there are typically warning signs that develop before the pain becomes severe. Signs include discomfort when biting down, sensitive gums when it comes to eating cold or hot foods, irritation when brushing or flossing, and even bleeding gums. If you sense any of these things, we encourage you to call (509) 581-0081 today and schedule an appointment for a dental exam. If you prefer to book online please do at

When an emergency comes up, it can be a panic to find the right dentist. Here are a few important things to look for before rushing to the closest option.

Insurance Compatibility

Before you rush out for a costly procedure, check that the dentist you’re considering is covered by your insurance provider; this can save you on out-of-pocket charges. If you don’t have insurance or a unique situation, be sure to call the dentist’s office and find out your options. Southridge Dental has several options for you.

Comfort Options

Sometimes when you’re in pain, there’s added anxiety or stress about going to the dentist. The right dental office will offer services that keep you comfortable and relaxed. Comfort dentistry is rising in popularity but can be hard to find. Southridge Dental offers Comfort Dentistry that includes a warm neck wrap, Netflix access, relaxing treats, and a spa-like atmosphere. There’s no shame in asking for comfort dentistry, so you can come in and relax while we take care of the rest!

Hours & Availability

When a toothache strikes, you may want to see your dentist urgently. It’s important to check what days they’re open and how quickly they can accommodate you. Traditional hours are generally easy to find, but to learn about short-notice openings and emergency policies, it’s best to call and see what your local dentist can offer for your specific situation. Most often Southridge Dental can get you in same day.

Experience & Credibility

When you need serious dental help, you want the experts to help you get the best treatment. By checking a dental office’s Google Reviews you can see what real customers think of their services. If other clients leave happy and treated right, you’re more likely to be treated that way as well! Often a dentist’s website will list other accomplishments (like being voted Tri-Cities Best Dental Office, for example).

At Southridge, we take these emergencies seriously! We want to help you return back to your normal life as soon as we can. If you’re suffering from tooth pain, schedule an appointment online.

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