How to find a Family Dentist for You and Your Kids

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Family & Pediatric Dentistry

Choosing a dentist for yourself and the children can become complicated. For convenience, many families choose a dentist office built for the family, saving time on scheduling, and coordinating separate appointments. The right dentist is an expert with both children and adults, making your life easier!

Do they have services designed to cater to individual needs?

Southridge Dental offers services for all ages, but also accommodates all comfort levels by treating your family, like our own! With our comfort dentistry services we understand going to the dentist can be stressful for many people and children. For us, the patient and their comfort is first. The dentist is one of the most commonly visited health services and we try to make every experience enjoyable.

Do they offer emergency services?

It’s also important to have a dentist available for dental emergencies. Whether it’s a bad bite into an apple, a bonk on a hard surface or a sudden cavity, you want a family dentist that is flexible and accommodating. Southridge Dental offers emergency dental services to take care of your family when it’s needed most.

As a family practice, we understand the importance of dental hygiene during different stages of life. Each age range presents unique challenges to overcome. The right family dentist means that the transition from baby to adult teeth, to the first cavity, to the removal of wisdom teeth, is handled by a trusted expert and family friend.

Do they have good reviews?

A dental office can say all they want about themselves, but what do their customers say? Reviews are a wonderful way to get real insight into people’s experiences within a dental office. How do the reviews vary across multiple platforms, like Facebook and Google.

Reviews take time to write. Long and detailed reviews – can come from genuine experiences. Take time to review the dental office’s reviews on Facebook and Google. We’re proud of our reviews and hope every customer has the best and most comfortable experience every time they visit Southridge Dental! We love our patients, thank you for rating us 4.9/5 stars on Google!

Southridge Dental – Family & Pediatric Dentistry

At Southridge Dental, we treat your family like our own. Call today or schedule online to learn more about our family dentistry from our warm, friendly staff (509) 581-0081.

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