How Fluoride Protects Your Teeth

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Are you wondering how Fluoride keeps your teeth strong and prevents cavities? This article will help explain the benefits of fluoride.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a word you have probably heard more than once in your life. When you hear it, you might think of your annual dental cleaning or toothpaste. But have you ever wondered what fluoride is? Or why is it so important?

Fluoride is the negative ion of fluorine and occurs naturally in nature. It can be found in plants, soil, water, and the air. It plays a role in the mineralization of your teeth and bones, and in fact 99% of your body’s fluoride is retained in your teeth. The fluoride acts to maintain strong and healthy teeth, helping to prevent cavities and buildup. 

Where does fluoride come from?

In some countries that are challenged by regular hygiene and dental care, fluoride is intentionally added to the water to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth. There are a number of particular places where you most commonly encounter and consume fluoride: some supplements, various foods, fluoridated water, groundwater, and dental products.

This article will discuss fluoride and the benefits of proper use and intake levels used by your dentist. Fluoride, when controlled, is incredibly beneficial for proper dental maintenance!

Why is fluoride helpful?

When the minimum intake of fluoride is met and maintained over time, it acts to rebuild your teeth with remineralization. Every day, we eat food and chomp away on our pearly whites, leading to inevitable decay – that’s called demineralization. It’s the loss of our healthy minerals and tooth enamel. Eventually, demineralization means our teeth can’t protect themselves, and cavities begin to form. 

The use of fluoride reintroduces a defense mechanism of sorts, so your teeth will be remineralized and prevent cavities. If it looks like your teeth are weakened, or need extra strengthening, your dental hygienist will likely suggest a Fluoride treatment! A Flouride treatment is great for EVERY age! It’s never too late to start repairing your teeth. Whether your hygienist is recommending a treatment for you or your kids, a Fluoride treatment is effective and very important!

Fluoride is crucial to maintaining the strength and vitality of your teeth. It can help your teeth last longer, with fewer cavities, fillers, root canals, and other expensive damaging tooth problems. That’s why at your cleaning or dental exam we will use fluoride for the benefit and preventative care of your teeth! We work to keep them strong, cavity-free, and in the best condition! Fluoride is one of many ways we do so. By getting regular cleanings, following proper dental hygiene routines at home, you can easily have a brighter and healthier smile (and help to prevent future painful toothaches or expensive procedures)!
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