Emergency Dental Care with Dr. Sean

Emergency Dental Care

At Southridge Dental, we know the need for emergency dental care can happen without notice and often after business hours. Our dentists and highly skilled team are here for you no matter the time of day! 

Types Of Emergency Dental Care

One of the most common causes behind the need for emergency dental care is, simply, accidents. Were you in a car accident that damaged your teeth? Maybe an elbow to the mouth during a football game and now a couple teeth are missing? Did you slip at work and chip a tooth? Were you eating something when you heard a crack? Whatever the activity that causes the accidental tooth damage, Southridge Dental is here to provide emergency dental care and get you feeling 100 percent in no time! Some typical tooth damage that is a result of an accident can include a missing tooth, broken or chipped teeth, fractured or cracked teeth, an extruding or partially knocked out tooth, a broken appliance, or a lost filling or crown.

The other common cause of emergency dental care is toothaches and other dental pain. Honestly, is there anything worse than a throbbing toothache? It’s the kind of pain you cannot hide from. Typically, these toothaches are caused by severe infection or severe tooth decay issues. These conditions often show symptoms prior to getting serious. They can include discomfort when biting and sensitivity. If you experience either of these signs, we encourage you to call us and schedule an appointment so we can avoid the need for emergency dental care.

However, if you do get to the point of needing emergency dental care, we can help! The pain from an abscess or severe infection can be debilitating. Regardless of the cause, we can make your toothache stop and help ensure you don’t have to experience that kind of discomfort again.

Urgent Dental Care Near You

Whether you have accidental tooth damage or a dental condition that requires emergency dental care, Southridge Dental is here for you! We know that trying to find a dentist after hours can be stressful so don’t hesitate to call us if you require emergency dental care. In most cases, the practice can accommodate walk-in or same-day appointments. Conveniently located in Kennewick, WA, the highly skilled team at Southridge Dental makes it a priority to put your health first. (509) 581-0081

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